"As I sit here at my desk, hands numbed by the pains of time, I ponder a question, my brethren. Have we, like so many now say, failed in the eyes of Primus? For if not, what has drawn us to this precipitous edge which we, both body and immortal soul, now stand upon? Yet there are those amongst the peoples outside of Sanctus (and even some within) who would say we stand upon the edge of a glorious new age. This paper is written both to examine the falsehoods of this statement and to shed light upon the true nature of our dilemma.

While it is true that my eyesight has dimmed with age, I find it difficult to think that any could not have seen the devastation wrought by the Successor Wars. Those of you who have known naught in your life but that strife may find it hard to believe that once, not so long ago, Old Thelacia stood bountiful, and the beautiful capital of these once-proud lands. My aged eyes dim more so with the tears I continue to shed for that loss.

My memories of a happier time also recall skies that were not choked with the filth of Industry and dotted with those infernal dirigibles; where honest beasts were used for transportation rather than these Primus-forsaken “motorcarriages” belching out their poisons and making the air thick with their racket; where honest men did battle with their strong right arms, a good sword, and the will of Primus to guide them; where the Inhumans were brought to Faith and truth; where once the words of Primus were respected and feared rather than questioned.

Yes, all of these things and more are the truths of where our “Golden Age” lies – in the ashes of the Empire.”

- Excerpted from “An Empire in Ashes”, the writings of Holy Brother Paolus Sencrates.